This is for our prelim requirement in our Philosophy subject. 🙂

Which is worse, failing or never trying?

Never trying is worse than failing. Failures can teach us lessons. We can try and then fail, but failing will help you learn. Failing can help you correct mistakes. Never trying at all will lead to nothing. At least if you fail, you will gain experience. If you fail, you will just have to try again. It is just like a game. You will fail a lot of times, but that is just okay. Because soon, you will figure out how to beat that level and move on with the game.
Failing can probably make your life miserable, but it can also make your life meaningful. When you fail, you will learn something new. You can never be successful if you never fail. Failing is inevitable. It is always there, not for bad but for good. Failing is the only thing that can make you successful in life. So, do not be afraid of failing.
If you never try, you fail by default. You will never learn, you will never grow, and you will never achieve success in what you are doing if you never try at all. If you never try, you might miss something that is best for you. Never trying will make you regret. And regretting is much worse than failing. If you never try you will never know what will happen. You will have tons of ‘what ifs’ in life. You will always be burdened by the thought of what would have happened if you just tried. Never trying will always be the worse because you will never learn new things. Never trying is a shame.
Failing is a good thing. It will make you stronger. If you fail, at least you will know where you went wrong. And maybe next time, you will be successful.

What is the difference between being alive and living?

Being alive means breathing. It is inevitable. You breathe oxygen and release carbon dioxide. You inhale fresh air and you exhale toxic air. Being alive means that you are here. We all are here. Being alive, in Biology, is the ability to grow, adapt, and reproduce. It means that we are breathing and blood is flowing through our veins all day.
On the other hand, living is different. Living means doing the things you want to do with all your heart. Living means living every day as if it is your last one. It means to not worry about things. Living is being fearless, and fearless means being afraid of something but you are still going to do it. Living means never missing any moment in life. Living is how you make your own paths in life. Living is chasing your dreams. It means that you should not worry about the future. It means to appreciate the things you have at the moment. Living means loving someone so much it hurts. Living is to sacrifice yourself to others. It means to never stop doing what you want.
Those who are just alive do not see the rainbow after every rain. They do not experience the wonders in life. They do not appreciate the things came from above. They never see the simple things someone did for them. They never create memories that will truly last. They never succeed because they are too busy remembering to breathe.
Being alive is easy, truly living is hard. Being alive is a gift, truly living is being present. Being alive is sticking in your comfort zone, truly living is jumping out of it. Being alive is free, truly living is spending your time while appreciating it. Being alive is fun, truly living is wonderful.

What does it mean to be happy?

Happiness means loving yourself. It means spreading positive vibes to others. I know that we all have different interpretations of what being happy means. But we have the exact, same thought; of making others happy as well. To be happy is to help others without expecting anything in return but gratitude. Seeing your loved ones happy will make you happy as well.
Happiness is contagious. Try to smile even if you are feeling down and miserable, then you will realize that at some point you are kinda happy. Try to smile at others, they will smile as well.
To be happy is to do what you want to do. To be happy is to help spread happiness to others. To be happy is to always look on the brighter side. To be happy means to not worry about little things. Happiness is not a destination, it’s a journey. It is not tomorrow, it is now. Happiness is a state of being free. It means to be mentally and emotionally healthy, it is a state of where we feel very comfortable. For others, happiness means buying the things that make them happy. Material objects can make us happy as well, but nothing can compare the happiness that came from the inside; the happiness that came from the heart.
We can spread happiness to others by being kind, not just to others but also to ourselves. By being a hero; by helping a person if they need help. By saying something good about someone or something; by complimenting the things they did. We can spread happiness by listening with all our attention: no one likes to be ignored, that’ll make them feel unwanted, so listen and pay attention. Happiness means loving yourself first, so you can share that love with someone else.

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Remember to shine BRIGHT and JUST be yourself!

– Yours, Justine Claire. 💕


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