where have i been? AND AM I REVEALING MYSELF?!

What’s up, guys? I’m back, again!

So im gonna share the things i did and the places I’ve  been this summer!! PLUS I’m revealing myself!!

What did i do?

1. Summer classes plus internship!!!

So you all know that I’m a med student, bs pharmacy, so my summer wasn’t that ‘fun’ because we had our summer classes and internship. It sucks! I know. I’m just a freshman but I’m already having my internship! But yeah, i just finished my internship last Wednesday, May 25th. Yay!

Here’s a picture of my friends and I that we took when we were having our DDS laboratory. Hmm? Where am i? You guess! 😋

And here’s a picture that my mom took on my last day of internship! (Lol thx mom!) So i think you can now guess which is which? Haha wait, what?

2. I took tons of photos for my instagram feed!

You can follow my instagram here.

The quote says it all. I took this picture because i thought the flower was so pretty hehe. Edited it using Typorama.

This photo was so epic because you can see my reflection. Lol. I took this inside our school’s library (learning commons, second floor). I was really having a bad day here but then I saw this plant and I immediately asked my friend if she could take a photo of it, she said no because she was shy. So i did end up taking a picture of it even though there are tons of students inside the library and that was kind of embarrassing.

How cute this photo can be? Im in love, really. Took this photo yesterday, May 26th, for my instagram feed he he. And i am recommending these books to you guys because they are the bomb diggity! GIRL ON LINE by Zoe Sugg; PS I STILL LOVE YOU by Jenny Han; and FANGIRL by Rainbow Rowell. Enjoy!

Another book for my instagram feed! I bought this book on the first week of May becasue i was really dying to have this one. *sighs* *whispers* finally (!!!!!!) And Teresa Palmer is on the cover!

Where did i go?

I went to a lot of places this summer and it was so, so fun! Okay just kidding. I’ve never been anywhere, really. It sucks! *cries* Why do we have to have an internship and summer classes? *sighs*
But i kind of had fun because i spent my days with my friends he he.
So here’s a photo that i took when my friend and I had an early dinner at a teahouse thingy near our university. The colors were so bright so i had to take a picture of the place lol (for instagram!! Sorry guys, im just so obsessed rn).


Duh, i think by now you guys already know my face lol. But first let’s reminisce some childhood photos of mine.

This is me when i was just a first grader, i think. I was around 6 years old. Ugh how i wish i could meet my 6 yr old self.
I dont know what age am i here but i remember when my mom took this photo. I just love wearing those glasses! And look at my cute little teeth. He he!
Here’s another picture of me when our school had a program. It was a disney themed thing, i guess? I was Wendy Darling. Lol
And here’s my 5 year old self, feeling like a beauty queen and all that!
This photo was taken when i had my 7th birthday party! Gosh! How i wish i could turn back time! *ugly cries*

And here’s what i look like now. I look like a dog. Ha! Just kidding 🐶🐶 You can add me on snapchat 👉🏻 justineclairezg ðŸ‘ˆðŸ» (shameless pug, oh i mean plug lol).

Yeah, i dont know where am i looking at? Haha.

SO I HOPE YOU ENJOYED READING THIS BLOG! I love and missed you so much, guys! Now you know why i didnt blog this summer, because of our classes and internship.

Comment down below what more do you want to see in this blog hehe i would love that!

Love you all!! xx

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