Thought you’d seen the last of me? Ha! Okay just kidding.

Hi! What’s up?! I am back, everyone!
Oh my gosh guys finals week is over. I survived! I haven’t thought that i would’ve make it ’til here. Meh. 😉

I was so emotional on my last post. I know. Too much drama. I am so sorry guys. I was just caffeinated when i posted that one. 😉
SO?! How are you guys doing? Wait, what’s that daylight savings thing? How was it? There’s no such thing like that here in Neverland. Yup, it really is so boring in here.

So, tell me. Have you guys ever been to a place or a situation so boring that you just wanted to leave/disappear? I don’t even remember if I’ve been to a place so boring, well except maybe here in Neverland. But I’ve been through a lot of situations wherein it’s so boring. Really. We all have. Right? Like that one classmate you have that won’t stop talking to you even if you’re not even interested in what he/she’s saying. You just wanna tell him/her things like, “hey dude, zip your mouth,” or “stop, please?” But you won’t just tell those things because you don’t wanna hurt that person’s feelings.

Oh my gosh i am being so boring, too. Am I annoying you now? Oh…

Well, then thanks for reading this blog! Please give this post a like and tell me the things you do when you’re bored right there in the comments down belooow. 👇🏻

I would also appreciate if you’ll send me a message or just comment down below the things you would like me to do on my next blog. Like Tags or something.

Thank you all so very much!! Love you!!

Bright, the shiftybooklover, signing off! xxx


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