Im emo af! *ugly cries*

Okay thats it! I give up! Ugh guys help me, please? Im so stressed. I don’t know what to do anymore? All these schoolworks are killing me. I just wanna cry.

At first, i thought that my course will just be a piece of cake. But of course, I was wrong. I was never right.

(Please, i am warning you. Do not continue reading. This post might be a lil bit emotional/dramatic. So stop!)

So, do you guys just feel so stressed that you just wanna disappear? Okay, same. I am feeling that right now, at this very moment. I don’t know what’s happening to me, seriously. I wasn’t like this before. This is not the Bright i know. The Bright i once knew was smart; she just won’t give up just like that. She would never give up! She was so smart. She can do anything. So where’s that Bright girl? I don’t know.

This all started when i went to college 9 months ago. I really thought that it would be easy; that it will just feel like I’m still in high school. But it wasn’t like that! It felt like i was in some kind of place wherein all the wild animals are attacking me. I know, it’s horrifying! Sometimes i just blame all these things that are happening to me right now to my disease. So dramatic, right? I actually had an operation before going to college. So basically, I stopped going to school for a year. So my brain wasn’t functioning (not literally) for one whole effin year. So when college started, i just cannot focus. I was miserable, until now. When i was in high school, i was this smart girl. I even got rank 3 when i graduated. But right now, in college, i am this noob girl who can’t do anything without seeking for help. I thought college will make you independent. I thought…

I really wanna look on the brighter side of college. But i just cant. I missed everything about high school. I regret nagging about all those stuff we did before; the stuff that I thought were so hard, so difficult. I am starting to appreciate all the things we did back then.

i told you, this post is so dramatic.

Okay thank you so much for reading! Please please please i need help? I need some advices? 😦

I love you all so much!!! xxx

Bright, the shiftybooklover, signing off! xxx


3 thoughts on “Im emo af! *ugly cries*

  1. Trust yourself, Bright. And I believe that you can turn those negative vibes into a great motivation to move forward. College is really hard, way harder than high school, especially when you’re still in the adjustment phase. The new environment, new group of friends, new professors, new set of curriculum, and those aren’t a piece of cake. But you’ll come around once you get to understand the new things around you. At first, you might think that you can’t, but you can, and you won’t even notice that you already got it. Imagine it like learning to ride a bicycle. At first, it’s hard because it is something that you still don’t know how to do, but as you try again and again, it becomes easier to ride on, until you become used to it without knowing.

    You can do it, Bright. The process might not be pleasant, but focus on your goal. And believe me, the difficulties won’t even matter.

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  2. Hi!! Thank you so much for leaving a message. I appreciate it! I am out of words to say. You’re so kind! *virtual hugs*

    Yours truly, Bright! xx

    P.S. I got all your comments, i just don’t know why they wont appear here as well. But yeah, thank you very much! God bless! xx

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    1. Hahahahaha, my comments have many versions now. Kindly delete those please.

      Anyway, I know how you feel, believe me. That’s why I felt the need to respond, because when I was in your age, I had no one, and I don’t want anyone to experience that. I’m just here, I’m only one message away.

      Btw, I also emailed you. Haha, sorry.


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