Wearing a ‘white uniform’ in med school.

I woke up earlier this morning at 4:30 am. Got ready for school. Prepared all my things and stuff that i should bring to my dorm. Took a bath then of course i wore my white uniform. There really are advantages on wearing a white uniform. First, it looks clean. It will make you look like a dove, i mean, you know doves are so white, right? (Okay I’m weird. Why am i even comparing myself with a dove.) Second, it kinda looks like you’re in those tv shows, like grey’s anatomy or something. (Idk okay. I haven’t watched those kind of tv shows yet.) Lastly, every student (not really everyone) will look up to you because you’re wearing a white uniform while they aren’t.

So, when i already got to my dorm at 6:20 am, i decided to just sit on my bed and do stuff like this and that. I was just waiting for time to pass because my classes will start at 8:00 am. Came 7:30, i walked to our building because i don’t wanna be late. Finally, i got there safely. THEN THIS THING HAPPENED. My classmate was like screaming, not literally. She was asking me if where the hell did i sit? I was like, uhm on my bed? I literally didn’t know what she was talking about. Then she was like, “you have a stain on your skirt.” So i checked if she wasn’t just joking around me. SHE WAS RIGHT. THERE REALLY WAS A STAIN. I didn’t even know where did i get that stain. I think inside the tricycle (i know, we’re not rich. We use tricycles here in Neverland.) on the way to my dorm. So i thought, OH MY GOSH! I just walked all the way to our building, (like 1 kilometer!!) with that stain on my butt?! That really was so embarrassing. Why’d nobody tell me. I mean i think some strangers saw that. They didn’t even bother to tell me. How sad. BUT i just flipped my hair and said to myself, “oh whatever! It already happened. There’s nothing i can do anymore.” Then after our first class, i went back to my dorm to change my skirt. I was even late on our second class. But at least i don’t have the stain anymore. I am like a brand new dove (oh my god, im so weird.)

So what about you guys? Was there something so embarrassing that happened to you today? Or the most embarrassing thing that had happened to you? If you’d like to share it, just leave it on the comments down below. I would really appreciate if you guys will suggest some things that i should post on my next blog. Just comment down below!! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Okay thank you for reading this sassy thing that happened to me today!

Bright, the shiftybooklover, signing off! xxx


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