Random post! Sort of.

Hey everyone! Im gonna share to you guys what my life was like in high school: my junior and senior years. And btw, if you would like to share some things or topics that you would like me to post, feel free to comment down below. So okay, let’s begin my story.

So i was this super shy girl back in high school. But i could tell you that my junior and senior years were the best! I just realized that now.

We all know that high school friends will always be our friends until we grow up. And I believe in that. My high school life would never be that happy if it weren’t for my friends. My friends were so crazy. Little did i know that my friends will make me confident. I gained my confidence because of my high school friends, and i thank them for that. We really need to treasure our friends, even if we aren’t in high school anymore.

What about you guys? Do you mind sharing your high school life? Feel free to share them in the comments down below.

Thank you for reading!!

Bright, the shiftybooklover, signing off. xxx


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