Hi! A ‘noob’ here!

Well hello there! I know that you don’t know me. But I won’t tell you who I am. Umm. But i think you can call me ‘Bright!’ Yup as in like the stars. That’s so cute, right?

So i made this account just a few minutes ago. I’ve really been dying to make my own blog account but i just don’t have that much time. But this book that I’ve read last week made me realize that blogging is fun. So i thought, hmm let me give it a try. Oh, btw, the book’s called Girl Online by the famous youtuber, Zoella. You should read that one.

Um i hope that you guys will love what im about to do with this account. Let’s all be here for each other… forever.

So let me know what you guys would like me to share on my next post. Just message me. 😉

Thank you!!

Bright, the shiftybooklover, signing off. xxx

PS: i was about to say ‘on the comments down below’ even though i don’t even know if there’s such thing.

PPS: I’m only using my iPhone, so i don’t know (again) how those html and all those stuff work.


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